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muscle definition and nutrition

8/17 8:58:45

Hello Lela. I am a 21 year old healthy male. I work out every single day 7 days a week, which includes full body strength training and lots and lots of cardio. But no matter how much i work out i can not seem to tone and define my muscles. I am gaining muscle mass and getting plenty big but i don't look cut. I just look bulky. I do ab workouts everyday and run every day but no matter what i do i still have a gut and i can not shape my abs. My one downfall that i will admit to is that i eat a lot! I love food! I am 5'6 and 175 lbs. so i dont consider myself to be fat but i also do not understand why i can not look ripped. I am happy with my muscle mass gains but i want them to be cut too. Can you please give me any advice about shaping my muscles especially my abs. And is there any kind of diet that you could give me, or advice?? I am a very active person.

Thank you

Looks to me like you are lacking in 2 areas, diet and rest. Body builders are extremely disciplined in both these areas- and if you want that ripped look, you have to be too!

Stop doing full body workouts every day. Your muscles need to recover, and you aren't giving them the opportunity. Do you week like so 1)Chest& Upper Back 2) Quads, Hams& Calf- 3)Hard Cardio(HIIT) 4)Active Recovery Day 5)Bi, Tri & Shoulder 6)Abs& Lower Back  7)Hard Cardio (HIIT)

Use your active recovery day to do light cardio, yoga (yes yoga!) or shoot a casual game of hoops or other not uber-intense sport.

If you are trying to get to the cutting phase  you should be eating between 2500 and 3000 calories per day- low glycemic ( think sweet potatoes and oatmeal good- white bread and sugar bad!) and loads of lean protein.

Get these two things going for you and you will lean out just fine.
Lela Simon  
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