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bulk loss

8/17 8:58:42

I am 17 and I was wondering whether you could help me loose bulk muscle. I do a lot of rowing and elite running. The rowing involves some gym work as well as erg's and on water training. The problem is that I am building up lots of bulk upper body muscle which is really counterproductive for long distance running. Is there a way using diet as well as exercise that I could change bulk into lean dry muscle?
many thanks


Yes you ned to control your diet, your total calorie intake needs to be lower. If you drop the calories to the point you are able to recover but not gain any weight hen it will be physicaly impossible to add mass. It takes a lot of energy in the form of food to create muscle. You need to lower the calories but at he same time keep getting enough to maintain performance. I would control your carb intake and really get then just targeted around your training and go very low the rest of the time and get the most of your food from protein, fats and green vegetables, again with simple carbs then placed pre,during and post training. It may take some time to figure whats best for you for performance but very possible for you to lose mass and get stronger look at weight classes lifter, wrestlers and fighters.

Eat less total calories. Remember as well it is very possible to gain sped in running from upper body muscle, Mainly in sprinting types of running if your a distance runner not so much.

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