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High Carb diet works for me!

8/17 8:58:35

I have tried the low carb approach to dieting for years with no real success other than maintaining my weight which is at least 25 pound over what it should be.
I crave carbs like most people so it was tough.
Lately I have tried a different approach which seems to be working.
Its the old 'low fat diet'.
It doent seem to be the 'in' diet now and is even discredited by some.
All I did was eat the same amount of calories more or less but I cut out as much fat as I could-except for skim milk and fatty fish like salmon.
Now I am not hungry at all and I dont crave carbs as much. If I do I will have a piece of dry toast.
Often for supper I will have a big serving of rice or mashed potatoes with a little lean meat if any.
Do you think thats they way my body is 'calibrated' or is that just a normal way to eat-abnormal being the large amounts of meat we eat that is cheap and plentifull in north America.
I have skinny friends that are Asian immigrants and they eat lots of rice, noodles, etc. with only a little spiced meat.
I used to eat a TBone so big there was only room on my plate for a little potato-covered in butter and sour cream of course.But since it was 'low carb I thought it was good.
Now I will have a big bowl of Uncle Bens rice for supper with a little fish or chicken and it fills me up all night.
Your thought appreciated!

Hi Barry,

You are on the right track. According to the American Dietetic Association, the Low Carb diet is a fad diet. You can read their report, Fad Diet Timelines here:

Asians are slim because our food is rich in good carb and resistant starch. This is a video where I explain about the benefit of resistant starch:

Good carb, low fat is the way to go, Barry! Follow my method (Asian Slim Secrets: Enjoy Food, Stay Slim Naturally), Dr Dean Ornish or Dr. Neal Barnard and you will lose weight & stay slim without starving!

Best wishes,
Linda Yo
Certified Weight Consultant
Author of Asian Slim Secrets

"If you are ready to become slim, trim,
energized and healthier using the
ancient wisdom of Asia, read this book
and use it now."

Mark Victor Hansen,
co-creator the #1 NY Times Best-selling Series
Chicken Soup for the Soul
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