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8/17 8:58:27

hi im 19 year old female leaving for school on jan. i want to lose 20 pounds by the time i leave i was thinking about joining weight watchers and working out 5 days a week but i was wondering wat do u suggest i should do always how can i not gain freshmen 15.

Dear Markia, I think Weight Watchers is a great program and since you are an adult, it should work well for you. The freshman weight gain is due to the change in routine and the change in the type of food. If you are going to be in a dorm and have meal tickets, beware. Cafeteria style eating leads to over eating. Watch your portions and try to choose foods that you are used to eating now and in the portion size that you are used to eating now. Unlimited portions, pasta, mac and cheese, pizza, subs and other foods like that can lead to excess fat storage. If you go to Waist Watchers, they can help you stay on a program in school. Hope that helps, Laura Kraemer,Slimkids.com
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