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Complex Carbohydrates

8/17 8:58:11

Hello, I am a bit confused when it comes to the good and bad carbs.  In the news right now are the foods that help fight fat, one of those foods is sweet potatoes.  I know this is healthy for you as opposed to the white potatoes but sweet potatoes are high in complex carbs (and so is spelt flour), so if I wanted to lose weight and cut down on my carbs are complex carbs okay?  Will I lose weight and do complex not count as much as the other simple carbs?


Personally is I were trying to lose fat in reality I would go low carb its proven and it works. NO Carbs are NOT evil even complex carbs but her are not needed in life, and are not desired when looking to shed body fat without maybe the exception of pre workout.

Can you?? yes heck you can eat pure sugar on a daily basis and lose weight if you want. If you get in enough of a calorie deficit but it is harder and you better be training hard and have the rest of your nutrtion spot on.

I would try and base your foods first on protein and fats, then add in plenty of green veggies. Stay away from the grains, processed food, starchy veggies and sugars for the most part except the occasional treat like once a week. Eat beef, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy, green veggies, nuts, seeds, oils, butter, and fruits as the base of your diet. Foods that are filling and wholesome. keep the carbs low. Do this for a month and see how things are then slowly add abit of fruit in maybe a bit of grains prior to training.

You as well as everyone should base your training on heavy resistance training, heavy of course being a relative term to the individual. Based in BIG compound moves with free weights not machines in order to build muscle and burn some body fat.

Base your training on squats, Deadlift, bench press, over head press, chins and rows, and power cleans these are the moves that use the most muscle at once. Train like an athlete, seek performance not pain. Aim not to go to failure. failure happens dont seek it. Aim to kick the weights butt not them kicking yours, Aim to make progress make something that was hard easy. Start slow even deep body weight squats and work up. Learn proper form.

I would do one press, one pull and one leg move a day really giving the moves the attention they deserve. Start with 2-3 days a week and then add on a session or two of cardio. Base your training on the resistance activity and DO a few big exercises to completion then 1 ton of small ones half witted.

For more info you should join our free discussion forum, you will get lots of great advice and discussion there www.teamstaley.com start a training log. We can help with training, diet and then give advice on supplementation


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