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fruit juice and dieting

8/17 8:57:54

Hi Laurie, I was wondering if 100& freshly squeezed orange juice (Tropicana) is harmful if you're trying to lose weight?

Dear Chris,

Well, I wouldn't word any food as "harmful" but those that are higher in calories are going to make weight loss more difficult.
Orange juice is an excellent source of many nutrients and would be one of the last foods I would suggest giving up when dieting. Still, the portion size does matter, so limiting the amount of juice to between 4 and 8 ounces will help (depending on the calorie level of your diet). Orange juice has about 11 calories per ounce.

The foods that will make losing weight tough are those high in calories and low in nutrition: extra sweets (like soda, candies, cakes and cookies) and fats (salad dressings, spreads, gravies, fried foods and whole-fat dairy products) will pile hundreds of calories on very quickly and provide little in the way of nutrition.

There's no one food that will be your downfall. Everything in moderation is key.
Take a look at the food guide pyramid page (http://www.mypyramid.gov) for more guidelines about healthy eating. Don't skimp on the very healthy foods to try saving calories. Your body will thank you for it :)
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