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Teenage Weight

8/17 8:57:53

Hello my name is Lissa and i am a thirteen year old girl. i've had a major surgery at birth. i have a huge scar from that. and i also have not lost my baby fat. are there any treatment answers? your help would be greatly appreciated.

Lissa, dear Lissa....I'm going to give you an answer that is the most difficult short term answer, but will give you the greatest peace and happiness in the long turn.

Your scar:  Sure you could probably have some kind of lazer treatment to have it reduced or removed, but that is likely to be very expensive and you don't know how it might turn out.  However, in my opinion, the way to really deal with your scar is to take what you now see as a big liability and turn it into your greatest asset.  I know, you're probably thinking that sounds like really crazy advice.  But here's the thing...your scar is an important part of you.  It is like some kind of recording of something that you have survived.  It means you're not like everyone else, you're unique, you have a unique history which makes you way more interesting that anyone else who didn't have to go through what you did.  In many ways, this scar is probably a 'record' of something you endured with courage and when you start seeing it that way, others will start seeing it that way too.  It's the same way as when you get older, are the lines on your face: wrinkles? laughter lines? character lines?  You see the meaning we give things is what what really counts.  You scar isn't something to be ashamed of, it's something to be proud of - YOU HAVE SURVIVED SOMETHING OTHERS HAVEN'T HAD TO.  You (and everyone else in this world) are an incredibly Sacred amazing being, whether you have a scar or not, whether you are fat or thin, have blonde or brown hair etc.... can never change that.  And if you want a free exercise you can do every day to help you realize this, you'll find one at:

Your puppy fat:  Thank heavens you have the wisdom to realize it really is just puppy fat and your body is doing exactly what it needs to do at this age in response to sex hormones.   Whatever you do, don't diet.  At this age you're going through puberty, and some of us lose that puppy fat sooner rather than later.  At puberty your body needs to go from about 14% body fat up to 18-22% in order for our menstrual cycle to begin, and it takes a few years to correct itself.  Just make sure you stay active and your body will take care of itself.  

Stay well and I apologize that it took me so long to answer this question,  unfortunately it was not sent to me.

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