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8/17 8:57:45

My 11 year old son bedwets almost every night.He has been on prescription - oxybutynin hydrochloride to help with his weak bladder but i havent seen any change.I try most nights to wake him up most nights between the hours of 1am and 5am. I also stop him from taking fluids after 7.30 pm. Is there anyway his diet can might help and if so what types of foods should he be avoiding? Is it also true that fuzzy drinks, sugary foods and drinks are contributory factors to bedwetting at night? I am a ndesperate mother seeking professional help for my 11 year old soon to become teenager. thanks, Dorian

Hi Dorian
Bedwetting is not due to fuzzy drinks, sugary foods, etc...it can be caused by a lot of factors, including psychological (stressful event), poor self esteem, genetic factors (does it run in your family?), physical defects, infections or blockages in the ureter, certain heart or neurological conditions, or drinking too much fluid before bed.   If your son has been prescribed Ditropan (oxybutynin HCl), this is because behavioral methods have not worked for him....has he had a cystoscopy to investigate if their are structural defects or blockages?  He needs to go to a urologist, if he hasn't already.   Often, the bedwetting resolves on it's own as he grows into adolescence.  As well, he may need an additional prescription, like an antidiuretic (DDAVP  Desmopressin) to help control his bladder.   It sounds like you are doing everything you can like controlled wake ups, fluid restriction, etc, so your family doctor or pediatrician needs to investigate what the cause is.  I can not determine this, since I don't have a complete history and physical on your son, but your doctor can.    If your doctor does not know what to do, then it's time to go see a urologist for starters, and they can refer you to someone after they test him.
Good luck Dorian
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