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Eating Real Food

8/17 8:57:40

I'm at my ideal weight already, but I'm trying to improve my health by eating more "real" food rather than processed/packaged things. I have a few questions:

I know that we are supposed to eat some fatty/oily fish a few times a week, and that fresh salmon and fresh tuna count. I like to eat sandwiches with canned tuna (packed in water, which I drain) and wondered if this was a good choice? I read on a website that canned tuna doesn't "count" as oily fish because some of the healthy fats are lost during processing. Should I start eating fresh tuna instead?

Also, do smoked salmon and canned sardines also "count" toward oily fish intake?

Also, is there any nutritional difference between raw or roasted nuts?

Thank you.

Nuts, yes, for one thing, one tends to eat way more roasted nuts than raw, which gets back to my theory that when you get what you need you do not overeat.

Fish - yeah, eat lots of it, but worry about mercury? Please see


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