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calories a day

8/17 8:57:40

I am 30, 5'11, 220lbs and started working out (p-90) one day sweat (jumping jacks such.) next day lifting (power bands, push ups, and stuff) and one day off. My question is how many calories should I take in daily and is it OK (health and weight loss wise) to eat the crappy foods (burgers and such) if you keep it in the suggested calorie limit? Do the calories matter if in the goal?

Yes the food matters a calorie is NOT a calorie. You dont want to fuel your body with nothing but Junk. You will soon be riddles with inflammation and pain and likely your blood levels will be shot to hell.

You could pick good real food and eat more calories never be hungry and lose weight and be healthy as opposed to eating crap, feeling like hell, always hungry and dropping your health in the toilet.

Base you food intake first on protein and fats real whole foods. Meat beef, chicken, fish, eggs, etc in the whole real food form. fats like that from the meat sources butter olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocado etc.. Then load up on green veggies and fruits. Just eat real food 90% of the time and then the occasional treats. Not things in a box a package, fried foods, etc.. except the occasional treat. limit the sugars and grains, breads etc. and concentrate carbohydrate intake on green veggies and fruits

For more info you should join our free discussion forum, you will get lots of great advice and discussion there www.teamstaley.com start a training log. We can help with training, diet and then give advice on supplementation. We have another young high level sprinter from Ireland on the site as well by the name of Alan


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