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diet and weight lifting

8/17 8:57:22

hello Nevil. i have a question about diet and weight lifting. if i eat healthy and lift weights, will i become fit? im 17 years old male. ive started eating meat, bread, cheese, fruits and vegetables. for some reason i just want to look and feel healthy? ive never been real healthy. i dont have money to buy alot of healthy food. ive cut out all junkfood, sweets, and soft drinks. all i drink is water now. ive started taking a multi-vitamin. theres a gym ive started going to. ive started lifting weights. they really dont have any good cardio equipment, but im not trying to lose weight, i just want to get fit and maybe put on some muscle. i try to get 100 grams of protein everyday. if do this for about a year, will my body change? thank you for your help. God Bless!"

Hi Chris,

You are going in the right direction, with just a few changes needed:

try to always eat natural, unprocessed foods. the best is lean protein and fresh veg.

Lose the cheese and bread as much as you can , as together with dairy products, it creates a huge eneregy drain in your body.

If you do want bread/pasta etc, always go for the wholemeal variety.

I don't know your protein requirements without your stats but you can use my website to find that out for yourself.

Hope this helps.
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