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sports supplements

8/17 8:57:12

hello,i was thinking about giving myself and workouts a boost with one of the latest supplements on the market and creatine seems to get all the hype,question is which one i,e formula is best like everything else there is so much to choose from,is this good for general health does it work at all or is it detrimental to health or is there something natural that works better,cheers peter


Studies have shown an increase in muscle mass with the use of creatine. General evidence from many studies suggests that creatine does increase lean body mass and overall strength.

Athletes, bodybuilders, etc...use creatine to gain muscle mass, The Mayo Clinic states that creatine has been associated with asthmatic symptoms and warns against consumption by persons with known allergies. And there can be gastrointestinal side effects of creatine such as loss of appetite, stomach discomfort, diarrhea, and nausea.

Extensive research over the last decade has shown that oral creatine supplementation at a rate of 5-20 g/day appears to be very safe and will improve muscle mass and can also help with increasing cerebral powers such as memory.

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