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Calorie Intake for My body size and shape

8/17 8:57:08

I am a 33 year young woman, 5' 2", 141 pounds. I am trying to lose approximately 10 more pounds. What should my calorie intake be for my size?

Thank you for contacting allexperts.com.  I hope that I can assist you with your question.

Without knowing you activity level, it is hard to answer your question.  However, to lose the remaining ten pounds I would say that keeping your calorie intake between 1250 and 1400 calories will result in the desired weight loss in a safe manner.

Of course, what you eat, is just as important as how much you eat.  I would strongly recommend that you eat as many fresh, whole, natural, unprocessed fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains as possible.  Preferably organic.  Reduce your meat and dairy consumption, or better yet, get rid of it entirely.

Certainly, a good exercise program is as important as good nutrition when maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight.

Best of luck.
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