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what is easier/harder to get rid of? Fat, salt or sugar?

8/17 8:57:07

QUESTION: I have been on an exercise program (alternate resistance training one day then aerobics the next, rest on day 7), which includes changing my diet (low fat, sugar and sodium), for the last 30 day. Seems to be going well for the most part. However, I am finding it difficult to completely cut out these dreaded three from my diet.

My question is;
What is easier/harder to get rid of during exercise? Fat, salt or sugar?

ANSWER: I dont know why you would ever limit fat or sodium (sodium unless you have a blood pressure problem is a much needed electrolyte more so if you train hard and sweat) The only one of the three I would control would be sugar and starches an d adjust them to your goals from high to low.

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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I do not have any medical issues at all. I was told sodium makes us retain excess water (I drink 80+ ounces of water everyday), and fat, well I thought that was obvious and evidenced by Medical research and also the Super Size Me movie!! I will check out your www.teamstaley.com and see if I can educate myself more there. Thanks

retaining water is not a bad thing. our bodies are mainly water and retention is a key element of a healthy body and sodium is a big part in that NO you dont want a ton extra but a healthy active person has a higher need for sodium then a sedentary average over weight american.

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