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8/17 8:57:07

My question is regarding laxitives and becoming dependent on them. I am 19 years old and am 113 lbs. My measurements are 32-24-32 (bust-waist-hips). I dance ballet for atleast 2 hours 5 days out of the week. Keeping my weight low gives me the upper hand in my art.  But within the last year or so, I've been having problems going to the bathroom.  I don't feel constapated, just really bloated and sometimes I would go for about a week up to a week and a half.  I started taking laxitives every once in a while, and I know they are bad but I was trying a lot to go. I was eating plenty of fiber and eating healthy, exercising and drinking water. I've been taking laxitive atleast twice every month. But some times I can go if I don't take one, but I have to wait a while to make a bowel movement. Recently I have taken one the night before and didn't really do to the bathroom at all, then took one the next night.  I realize I do have a problem, but am worried that I've done something horrible to my body.  Can I reverse these effects? What foods can I eat that are low cal that can take my body back to a healthy level?

Hi Jessica,

I must question you idea of eating healthy.
Are you eating about 10 servings of raw fresh fruit and vegetables a day and nothing but whole grains? LOTS of plain water, out with dairy products, absolutely no refined sugar, no refined flour. More on real food at http://www.premiumfuel.com

Holding on to what you body can't use is toxic, can lead to colon cancer.

On the bright side, give it a chance, get out of your own way and the human body is excellent at healing.

Susan O

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