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Inches but not pounds

8/17 8:56:48

Hi, I've been exercising regularly (about an hour 4 times/week) for 2 weeks and "eating right" (minimal processed foods, low fat) for about 1 week now.  I weighed myself today and noticed that I actually gained about a pound instead of losing any weight, but I lost an inch off the waist.  What's going on? Should I be discouraged? And when can I expect to start losing actual pounds?  Thanks.

Congratulations. It sounds to me like you BURNED some fat, but you GAINED some muscle.

This will happen, especially if you are including weight training in your exercise routine. That's why the SCALE isn't as good of an indicator of fitness as your JEANS are.

I've actually gone the other way over the past winter. I hurt my back in the fall, so I haven't done much weight lifting. My WEIGHT on the scale hasn抰 changed much, but I know I've put on some FAT and lost some muscle.

Remember, muscle is HEAVIER than fat. Fat is less dense and takes up MORE space inside your clothes. If your weight stays the same, but you have gained 5 pounds of muscle and burned 5 pounds of fat, your clothes will be looser.

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Richard Rost

P.S. As a disclaimer, I'm not a doctor or health professional. Please seek the advice of your doctor before implementing any of my recommendations.

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