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Dairy products such as milk.

8/17 8:56:37

Hello I am 20 years old I live in Florida and I am reading this book called DON COLBERT, MD THE SEVEN PILLARS HEALTH. An It says Dairy products, and cow's milk in particular, are also linked to all kinds of allergies and sensitivities, including skin rashes, eczema, fatigue, spastic colon, excessive mucus production, nasal allergies, and chronic sinus infections. Is all this true? Why is it when I eat ceral for breakfest im useing milk and I never feel like I have plegm in my chest? My mom said because she is reading the book to she said that according to the book drinking milk can cause you to get plegm in your chest. Is this true?

Hi Elijah,

That and worse. The calcium is in a form that actually pulls calcium out of your body, not add in. Countries that consume the most dairy products have the most osteoporosis, countries that use the least have the least. Dairy is political lobby group, not a food group.

see www.notmilk.com and www.premiumfuel.com
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