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How much is enough?

8/17 8:56:36

I am 18 years old and I live in a place that is 3000 ft above sea level. I am
5'6 and hover around 145- 150. I have gained about 5-10 pounds since starting
marathon training and I am pretty sure that mostly muscle, or at least I hope
so.  I am currently training for a marathon that is on May 22. I am still having
problems with knowing how much to eat. I am an extremely healthy eater but I
just don't know if I am getting enough. I am a college student so I only train
every other day. I get extremely tired during the day no matter how much I
sleep. I work at 6 in the morning so that also tires me out as well.  A regular
day includes...
Days that I work:
5:30 am: a small bowl of oatmeal and a banana (if I have one in my room) or
breakfast burrito on whole grain tortilla with scrambled eggs, a little cheese,
and two strips of bacon
9:00- another banana and low-fat yogurt
12:00- a bean and brown rice burrito
3:30- trail mix including whole grain cheerios, chocolate cheerios, and peanuts
6:00- a baked potato with little beef, peppers, and mushrooms OR sandwich with
turkey, hummus, lettuce on whole grain bread OR chicken sandwich with a little
honey mustard and lettuce OR salad with chicken on top with italian dressing.
and a bowl of fruit.
sometimes I have a zone protein bar in the day somewhere if hungry enough

I want to know what I can eat as other options and if I am eating enough? I
train about 4 to 7 miles on weekdays sometimes more. But i never find myself
having enough energy. I try to get 7-9 hours of sleep per night but still lack
the energy. I do walk at least 3 miles a day around campus as well. But I would
like to know what to eat so that I can have more energy to swim and cross train
as well!


ANSWER: A few questions:-

How long have you lived at 3000 feet above sea level? If not long then this is why you are tired.

Have you run a marathon before and how long have you been training, as May 22 is not that far away.

4-7 miles every other day is nowhere near enough distance for a marathon anyway. Most marathon runners build up to at least 12-15 miles at one go.

Regarding energy, you will need probably an extra 1500 calories a day for a 12 mile run. Have you tried any complex carb drinks containing Maltodextrin?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Well,  I have been living 3000 above sea level for about a year, so its definitely not that. I am also a college student so that could be related as well.

I have not run a marathon before. I forgot to mention that I have long runs on the weekend that are steadily increasing. 15 miles is my top. 18 miles is the plan for this weekend.

What is a standard day of calories that I should aim for? And for the day before, of, and after a long run?



There is no standard of calories, as it depends on the person. But generally you would have 1200-1500 min a day for a diet routine, so I would say double that to start with . Also you may need more complex carbs if you are tired all the time and possibly more sleep.

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