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How to lose 2lb a week?

8/17 8:56:26

Hi there,

I'm 18 and would really appreciate advice as to how I can lose around 2 or 3lb per week without any drastic measures, in time for summer.
Height - 5ft 8
Weight - 153 lbs
Goal weight - 130 lbs

My main problem is that I will decide to try and lose weight and go to exercise class and cut down on food; yet the week after when I weigh myself I find that I haven't lost any weight I get very disheartened.

I do an hour of high-intensity aerobics per week, and would go to the gym but I can't find the time or money to go; so what other types of exercise should I try to do through the week?

In terms of calorie intake, how much should I cut down on every day? Any suggestions for what meals should consist of would also be appreciated; thank you in anticipation for your response.

Dear Joelle,

In order to lose 2 pounds per week you will need to reduce your daily calorie intake by approximately 850 calories per day (or in the alternative, consume these calories through increased physical activity).

Since you are currently eating approximately 2100 calories to maintain your current weight, you would have to reduce your calorie intake to 1250 calories per day.  This would be very difficult to do all at once. I recommend that you reduce your calorie intake slowly over a period of several days so that your body adjusts to the lower calorie intake.  This way you will avoid feeling hungry all the time.

Be sure to drink LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER during your diet.  The reason for doing this is two-fold. First, drinking a lot of water will help you not feel as hungry, and secondly, when you are losing weight your body casts off a lot of waste products.  By drinking a lot of water you effectively remove these waste products from your body.  This is very important.  

Another aspect of reducing your calorie intake is to supplement your diet with vitamins during this time.  By eating 1250 calories it is going to be very difficult to obtain all the nutrients that you need to remain healthy. I suggest you purchase a good multi-vitamin from your local health food store. Please do not purchase cheap department store vitamins.  These are made with very inferior products and cheap fillers such as SHELLAC and often do not break down in the digestive tract.  If you purchase cheap vitamins you are literally flushing your money down the toilet.

I strongly advise against trying to lose any more than two pounds per week. First of all, there is a good chance that you will lose only water weight and gain it back immediately.  Losing weight slowly over a longer period of time will result in lasting results.  Always be sure to eat plenty of fresh, unprocessed, whole fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains and vegetable oil.  Preferably raw and preferably organic.  Raw fruits and vegetables have a lot of fiber which will make you feel fuller longer.  Processed foods do not have any fiber and cause you to feel hungry. Your diet should be 75 percent raw and 25 percent cooked.

Please limit your meat to no more than 3 ounces twice a week and you should not have any dairy products at all.  For more information about eating a healthy diet, please look over my blog at http://everydayhealthandwellness.blogspot.com

Best of luck to you.

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