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sugar ?

8/17 8:56:13

Are the sugars in ice cream , soda the same as white sugar that you put in your coffee or tea?  (for consideration of overall daily sugar intake?)  Also refined sugar, brown sugar?  Also should we take into account for rice, flour for sugar?

I just don't wanna go above the daily sugar intake.

thanks in advance


Yes they are all simple sugars like frutose, glucose. Called simple as they are individual sugar miolecules and tend to get used instantly for energy as your body does'nt have to break them down. the bad thing is that the simple sugar molecules are also absorbed easily, and your body does what it is designed to do when excess sugar is available, it stores it as fat for protection and later use.

Rice, wholemeal flour are complex sugars ( maltodextrin) and are better for sustaining energy as they are broken up slowly by your body and last longer and less likelty to turn to fat.

Also too much sugar will lead to your pancreas over working to produce insulin and can lead to diabetes for long term high usuage.

I would stick to a healthy diet with minimal junk food and don't add any sugar to anything.. In particular choose high carb foods like whole meal pasta and bread, also starch products like potatoes.

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