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Fats, carbs, addictions, and how to handle them

8/17 8:55:58

Hi, I have recently developed some kind of binge eating affliction, that is probably hitting because of boredom during exam time and a low self esteem because of a skin problem. Once I crack a box of cookies, i don't stop until it's gone. For this reason, I essentially gave up added sugar in my diet - no candies, cookies, chocolate etc. It's been about a week and it's going great. But I have read that sugar may or may not be my problem, but the fat in these foods that have me addicted. Now I've kept sugary food out of the grocery cart, but now I binge on 'healthy' foods. I bought a bag of peanuts and by the end of the day it was almost gone (and that's many many calories, even if it's 'healthy fat'). So if this is indeed an addiction, what is the best solution? I can't very well cold turkey healthy food. My problem is moderation, and a lack of self control.

And for reference, someone that is addicted to hamburgers and fries and high-fat junk food, if they were to give up the addiction, how long would they have to wait until they could safely have a single hamburger and not relapse? Is it really a drug addiction like any other where they could never enjoy high-fat food without craving it all over again?

Thanks for your help.


It all depends. What do you eat plus to the bag of peanuts? What do you mean under "healthy foods"? Are you gaining weight, retaining water, does your skin condition changes in any direction?

In my experience with the diet I developed, in a week or so, almost everybody reported disappearance of cravings and only healthy levels of hunger. But to get there, you would have to survive this week or so on rather restrictive diet, after that, it becomes very comfortable and the sense of well-being is reported almost by everybody.

If you are willing to gibe it a try, go to http://bantadiet.com - it's free in exchange to your weekly progress reports. You have to learn about fats and carbs, their ratios, and other things that will make your life different.

Tanya Zilberter
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