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8/17 8:55:57

I know that the FDA recommends eating occasional beef dishes, but in fairly quick succession,I plan to be eating 2 weeks of dishes containing beef(one dish a lot of beef),so in your estimation,would that be too much beef,as my diet is usually vegitarian,or contains chicken.

Dear Larry,

It depends on exactly what it is about beef that concerns you. You may be getting extra fat in your diet, or extra cholesterol over these 2 weeks. Is there a reason you need to limit cholesterol or fat?  It also depends on the portion size of the beef dishes and if you have trouble digesting beef for any reason.

Eating more than is recommended of one specific food over such a short time span should not cause any longstanding health problems.

If you feel physically ill after several days of eating beef I would suggest you stop!  But the main reason beef is suggested only a few days per week is because of its higher fat and cholesterol content (and the fact that it contains no healthy fish oils!).  So if that's not an issue with you, go ahead and enjoy!
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