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Safe fitness and eating program at home

8/17 8:55:41

Hi there-  I have a question, First some facts on myself.  1. I am out of shape because...2.  I have anxiety and am agoraphobia.  3.  I actually have anxiety attacks from exercising because they can minic one after you start exercising.  

I cant go to a gym or go see a personal trainer because i cant drive and get out of my house. I really would like to get in shape however.  I sometimes go with my family to the store every once in awhile but I just feel so out of shape when i go in a story, on top of that I'm having anxiety attacks, that wears you out too, but I just feel that if I was in better shape that i could do a little better with my anxiety.  Anyways-- I have a treadmill but get anxiety attacks when on them (I also have an inner ear problem where i have positional vertigo, but anyways i start sweating because I have anxiety)  Anyways... Recently i bought a pedometer and read the Bob Greene plan ect, where you start off with a certain number of steps i was able to get around 3-5k steps, but i cant get over that.  Not sure how to work my way up.  I guess thats my question.....
1. How do i start small and get really fit...I would like to put a month or two or however long it would take to get me in shape and put in on the calendar say like day 1 do five jumping jacks, ten mins walking in place ect..) but i have "no clue" how to start...  Honestly what i just menionted seems to hard for me..
2.  How do you tell how fit you are?  Simply or at home, as i cant seem to get out ect.
3. Am i suppose to find tiny things whats the word, impossible ect... I mean i feel like when i think of getting up to walk even tires me out sometimes.. Sometimes I feel like im just lazy or a lazy feeling but i dont want to be that way i WANT to be up doing things, I want to but on the go non-stop..
4. any addional advice greatly appreciated.  
I'm just a scared, agorphobic, fearful of exercise, with a sedementary lifestyle, wanting to get fit..
(I do eat well, whole grains, veggies, lean meats ect. and organic when possible)   However, I am always afraid of eating too less, or too much, Most times too less is my fear.   I dont know if Im suppose to have a certain caloric intake.  
My typical menu is, first meal when i wake up glass of milk with one peice of 100% whole wheat bread with teas of peanut butter.
lunch, eggwhite on whole wheat or oatmeal, dinner, pinto beans with whole corn meal corn bread small peice with veggies, usually before bed or couple hours before bed i get shakey and have to eat, so i have blueberries and yogurt or blueberries on peice of pita bread, or a grilled cheese on whole wheat with glass of milk.  I try to squeeze and orange or two in and an apple.  I try to eat about every three hours if not i get the shakes...

Oh I am 5' 5"...174lbs.  (I felt my best at 155lbs) I have weighed 235 lbs at one time, but it took 5 years to get the weight off, i am such a slow weight loser) I do have elevated glucose, my hemoglobin a1c is 5.2 - 5.5 and my fasting glucose is 101-103-105 (through the drs office, My home test runs 96ish)
and I am 32 years old.
(Also i am an apple shape, i have mostly belly fat an upper weight back, ect)

Thank you so kindly :)


I suggest that you join a complete fitness/diet program available online, which costs you nothing: http://bantadiet.com

You'll have there fitness tests that can be done at home and 10 week-by-week walking plan (suitable for walking or marching in place) gradually increasing the workload.

You'll also be able to consider changing your diet because from your question, I can see it's lacking "good" fats. Temporary or intermittent carbohydrate restriction will be also helpful for your case. Additional information about nutrients and their connection to mental well-being can be found there:






Tanya Zilberter
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