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Chocolate milk...

8/17 8:55:36

There have been several articles on how a glass of non fat chocolate milk is the best post exercise drink for your muscles to recover and build. Would chocolate soy milk be better then chocolate non fat regular milk? There is more chocolate soy milk available at my supermarket then non fat regular.

Dear Charles,
I am not familiar with the articles of which you speak, so I'm not sure exactly why they are suggesting chocolate milk is excellent to refuel your muscles.
Soy milk may look like milk and taste like milk, but it's not milk! It's made from soybean oil, fortified with calcium and perhaps some extra protein and made to resemble milk in taste and texture. If cow's milk has a "perfect protein" for muscle refueling you won't get what you're looking for in soy milk... I would suggest buying skim milk and adding a chocolate flavored powder (probably the sugar in that helps refuel some carbohyrates in the muscle cells) if you can't find chocolate skim milk...I don't believe I've ever seen it in stores before.
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