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Cannot lose weight

8/17 8:55:30


I started working from home a couple years ago and as a result have been eating constantly and gaining weight. I've tried a number of diets, including the P90X high-protein low-fat diet that is supposed to blast fat and haven't been able to lose a single pound. I work out regularly, but I tried counting calories for a while and I noticed that even if I eat healthy foods I am still eating more than my suggested daily calories. I can't seem to overcome this need to snack every hour or two when I am home, and I almost never feel hungry. Any suggestions for breaking this bad habit?

Hi Gabrielle,

So, you're working from home and now you're eating more... what is different now than when you were working in an office? Surely you could have had food whenever you wanted it then, too, right? So what was stopping you then?

It's great that you recognize you aren't really "hungry" and you are eating for other reasons. Sometimes people want to eat only because they are bored, anxious, or even thirsty. Try having a glass of water every hour and see if that dampens your appetite.

Can you make your work area a "no eating zone"? When you want to eat you must go to the kitchen table and sit there to eat, and only there. This may discourage you from snacking because it sounds like something you do when you are working--multitasking and not even enjoying the food.

I would suggest allowing limited intake at your work station, just like you did when you worked outside of the house.  For instance, water, diet soda, coffee or tea is allowed and maybe carrot and celery sticks as the ONLY foods.  The stricter your criteria are (without wavering for any reason) the better you'll be able to adhere to these rules and get the weight off.

I would continue to keep a food diary, as that keeps you aware of what you're eating and usually works to reduce your intake.

Good luck, and let me know how it goes!  
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