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Im 17 and have PCOS

8/17 8:55:21

Im 17 and was diagn0sed with pcos when i was 13.i am finding it extremely difficult to lose weight.im 5 ft 7 and at the moment i weight 74kg.i hardly eat and im on the pill but i still gain weight.i was on a diabetic diet and i exercised daily but i still gained 10 kg in a period of 1 month.people around me dont understand how its affecting me emotionally and physically,i feel moody and tired and grumpy and IM ONLY 17!It has affected my self confidence drastically.will any suppliment help me 2 lose weight?im not looking for a quick fix.im looking for something to assisst me in my weight loss.all advice is need please.thank you

Dear Letitia. I don't know of any supplement that will help you lose weight. PCOS should not cause you to gain permanent weight. PCOS might cause mood swings and monthly water weight gain, but it should not cause fat to be stored. Stick with your diabetic diet or a healthy diet containing about 1500 calories and exercise everyday for at least 30 minutes. Hope that helps, Laura Kraemer,Slimkids.com
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