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Nutrients in sweet potato, with vs without skin

8/17 8:55:21

I saw the answer for 7/4/2007 about nutrients in potato skin. Would you provide the information for a sweet potato skin, and give the number of grams for the nutrient values given?

All the nutrition information I can find is ambiguous at best about whether it includes the skin of a baked/boiled sweet potato or not. Some sources indicate "edible portiton" but the skin is edible, so why is that not included in the nutrition information? Since some people eat the skin and some don't, looks like there would be information provided both ways. Like with cereal, nutrition for just the cereal and cereal plus milk.



Here's, I hope, you might want to compare: two nutrition tables, one for sweet potato with skin, another without skin. The arithmetics shouldn't be too tough:

Nutrients in sweet potato, with vs without skin

Tanya Zilberter
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