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Benefits of Counseling to overcome eating issues

8/17 8:55:21

Hello, first thanks for taking time to answer questions for free.  

Little background: Nov 2009 weighed 223 pounds hired a personal trainer 3 days a week and increased cardio to 3 days a week for min of 30 min (Feb 2010 - 4 days a week) and started calorie restriction.  Went from 2800 calories a day down to 1300-1700 a day.  May 2010 weigh 200-205 depending on the day.  So just shy of 20 pounds of lose over about 6 month period.    Did I have some cheat days yes.  But I kept a food log and wrote it all down.  I even noted the cardio machines calories (Which I know can be off some but a way to keep tabs.)  I know how strict I have been on my diet and how I increased my exercise.  Yet the results do not go hand in hand with my changes.  Lately, I have felt defeated by this.  My doctor tested for a ton of stuff and found no reason why I should  not be losing weight.  Which makes me wonder, am I mentally holding onto the weight.  Is that possible?

Here is my question:
What are the benefits that I could gain by seeking counseling for getting my head straight? and how can that relate to success in losing the weight?  

I am not worried about looks.  I am worried about my health.  My BMI is 30.5 (5'9" female age 31) and I do not want to be obese.  Heart prolems run in my family and I want to lose weight to live a long life.  

How I gained it:  After collge took a desk job went from size 4 to size 10 and tried weight watchers.  Enrolled in night school and worked during days and added another 20 pounds.  2007ish - I suffer from acid reflux which caused me to be nausea day in and out for over 2 years during which time I gained 40 pounds becuase I was eating crackers and toast tring to keep the nausea at bay so that I could make it through my work day.  It took numerous doctors to diagnose me with mild acid reflux.  Many foods I love, I had to stop eating such as tomatoes, citrus fruits and berries.  The acid reflux has damaged my stomache and I can gorge and not feel full.  Mentally, I know this amount of food should satisfy me but it does not.

Hi Monica, there are many reasons why we can gorge and not feel full and I'm not sure why your acid reflux problem would have damaged your satiety signal.  But have you perhaps considered that you're maybe trying not to fill a physical hunger but a hunger for something else:  like love, companionship, success, feeling wanted, cared for and loved etc...  (http://www.ditch-diets-live-light.com/emotional-eaters.html).  Often when we have a hungry heart no amount of eating really fills us because we're trying to fill an intangible hunger with a tangible substance.  If any of this resonates with you, then I would definitely encourage you to go for counseling and frankly you'd probably benefit hugely from The Mind over Fatter Programm (http://www.ditch-diets-live-light.com/mind-over-fatter.html).  I must just say another word about counceling though, please choose your therapist with care; and don't choose one that works from a therapeutic modality that is going to spend 5 years delving into your mis-shaped childhood.  If you can find a Narrative Therapist I'd highly recommend that.

Kind regards
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