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No plateau but very slow weight loss

8/17 8:55:20

2005-2007, I started feeling nauseua everyday from morning till night.  I was drinking whole bottles of medicine, eating crackers, toast and drinking soda just to keep the nausea at bay.  It tooks doctors 2 years to diagnose me with MILD acid reflux disease.  During this time, I gained 40 pounds (on top of 30 I gained after college).   In 2007, I started dieting, tried a ton of different diets.  Nov 2009, hired a personal trianer 3 days a week and started restricting calories.   Figured out online that 2800 cal's would maintain my current weight so started to drop 100 calories every couple weeks to avoid quiting from feeling deprived.  By February was down to 1500+/- a day and 4 days a week of 30 min weight training with trianer and min of 30 min cardio.  

From Nov 09-May 2010 I lost shy of 20 pounds.  I kept a daily food journal.  Yep, had some bad days but wrote it down and know.  In March 2010, Dr. tested for many items such as throid, cortisol levels, diabetes and found nothing that should be interfering with my weight lose.

I feel like my body if fighting dieting becuase I have been doing it for so long.  I have not hit a plateau, I never had a big weight lose week or period and then nothing.  Lost really slow - jsut fractions of a pound a week.  

Can body get into diet mode and stop losing weight?  If so, how can I give my body a jump start to get out of diet mode?

Dear Monica,

Not knowing details of your diet, I cannot give you any advice. Calories tell me nothing and they mean very little when it comes to adjusting nutrition to your body needs. I need to know your body fat percent,  your fitness level, your body type, etc.

The easiest way to figure out such things is to join a systematic program and have access to a couple of online tools. Why wouldn't you try going to http://bantadiet.com and look around. Should you decide to give it a try, click on the "daily plans" link on top navigation bar. It costs you nothing, BTW.

Tanya Zilberter
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