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Nutrition, Calories & Energy

8/17 8:55:16

Hey M. Stevens,

I thank you in advance to considered my question. The latter is simple, but despite many research its answers is still obscure. I want to know how many hours of energy an average person has for a day. According to many, the answer to this question resides on the amount of calories consumed. The recommended amount of calories intake per day is, I think, 2500 for a man and 2000 for a woman. I would like to convert these numbers in 'hours of energy' such as "how many hours of energy those amount provide?"



Its not that easy. We are not like cars were when we get empty you can just pour more fuel and and we will go hard again all day all night. We are humans and there is much more to play then simply fuel. Just from a CNS point we were out and need sleep and why is still fuzzy and unproven but we have limited reserves. if It was just fuel based then we would never need sleep.

So your answer is going to be hard to impossible as each is individual. We can build up work capacity some have high some have low. Some people are primarily slow twitch some fast twitch. Even in a vacuum with the same exact sleep same exact stress levels same food, same training every person will be individual to there muscular, nervous system, and chemical make up.

Sorry I couldn't be greater help but its the truth

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