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Hey Phil. My name is Jake and I'll be a senior at Ball State University this year after I get my degree i plan to join the Marine Corps. I'm on the ball state weight lifting team and for this i have a creatine supplement plan. I keep a good cardio plan (Rigorous Bike ride daily), but I'm worried that creatine might effect my stamina which would effect my performance at boot camp and PT's. Phil Should I stop taking creatine and possibly increase my stamina even though i have decent stamina in the first place or Continue my supplement plan and increase my strength which would also help me in PT's?

It should do nothing but aid your PT as LONG as you stay hydrated enough. that would be my only worry. If you were going to go through special forces training etc where they starve you of water and foods for hours and make you run etc then Id say no. But your supplementation should do nothing but aid your times especially anything with high intensity in it.

Id make sure to get enough water, sodium, and magnesium to aid hydration and help you as well.

By the way thank you for your future service to our country let me know how things go for you.

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