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Cooking measurement conversions

8/17 8:54:52

Hi Tanya,

Thank you so very much for your answer to the Egg White question.  I would
like to know: what 100 grams equals in measurement; tea spoon, table spoon,


You're welcome Angel.

Here's some measurement conversions:

By volume:   

15 ml   1 tablespoon   
100 ml   3.4 fluid oz   
240 ml   1 cup        
1 liter   34 fluid oz, or 4.2 cups, or 2.1 pints, or 1.06 quarts, or  0.26 gallon

By weight:

1 gram   .035 ounce
100 grams   3.5 ounces
500 grams   1.10 pounds
1 kilogram   2.205 pounds

Hope it helps,

Tanya Zilberter
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