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I need advise..

8/17 8:54:48

I recently lost 54 pounds in a few months from being overwhelmed by stress and anxiety due to a really bad live in relationship. I couldnt eat b/c my throat would swell from hives (I get hives when I am intolerably stressed out). plus my appetite was non exsistant during that time also.. I moved out of state 4 months ago and have been working on fixing the damage that was done. I am eating again, my weight is within the normal range (135 pds 5ft 7, 29 yrs old) but I am missing something that is causing me to get light headed when I go from sitting to standing. I often get light headed to the point where I have to grab onto a doorway b/c my whole body shakes for about 20-30 secs. is it because my vitamin levels are low? I never had that problem before the loss.. vitamin D supplements helped a bit. but it started happening again. I dont have health insurance yet. and cant afford a medical bill right now. hopefully you will know if it is something that a diet can fix. I need to get healthy for my kids, and am trying hard to do it on my own but am falling short. I also am having a hard time keeping a steady weight. I lose about 3-5 pounds a month still, last month I lost 10 even though I was at a cook out pretty much everyday. what foods are best to eat when trying to gain muscle mass instead of fat? I am useing a total gym to build some muscle back and tone up. also, is there a way to increase vitamin absorbtion (what form of vitamen to take: liquid vs pill form, etc) any and all advise is appreciated. thanks

It is great that you lost 54 pounds bringing your BMI to 21.1, which is very healthy, but the symptoms you are having could be serious and really need to be evaluated by a doctor. One concern I have is the fact that you are continually losing weight without trying and the dizziness ,these could be signs of something more serious then nutritional issues. Though it is true that balance can be effected by nutritional imbalances over long periods of time there are other reasons that can cause this which are not as easily addressed.

I understand your financial state is not where it may need to be but these problems if serious, could cause even greater debt later if not checked now. Most states have some sort of  medical insurance based on income that may be able to help you and your children get insured sooner then later. If not you can give me the state you live in and I will check for doctors that volunteer time that may be able to help,or maybe some sort of clinic or mobile screening center.

Another thing that bothers me is the fact that you get the hives upon getting upset.These symptoms need to be analyzed. After you get a clean bill of health and if you still need nutritional help write back and I will assist you.

Feel Better and Good Luck
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