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my dad needs to lose weight.

8/17 8:54:37

My dad is 52, 5'8", 190 lbs, and has heart problems. He hates every type of
exercise and eats a lot (he especially likes fatty and sugary foods). I'd like to
know a healthy amount of running/walking he would be able to do. I don't
want him to overwork because he has heart problems, but knowing him, he'll
make excuses. Today, I got him to walk/jog a half mile on the treadmill for
10 mins (he was fluctuating between 2 mph-4 mph) and he was having a
hard time doing even that. He's a driver, so his shifts are unpredictable and
his mealtimes are not set in stone. When he's not working, he's either
sleeping, eating, or watching tv. Do you have any dieting/fitness tips?

Hi Ashley,

it's great to see someone who cares so much about her Dad. However, I don't want you to get too frustrated with him.... the number one diet tip I have is this: "A person will diet or exercise only for himself, and not for anyone else".... having you keep on him to do something he doesn't want to do will only frustrate you both.

With that in mind, here are a few more tips!

- Every little bit helps! If he can go for a 5 minute walk twice a day, that will be 10 minutes more every day than he was doing before!
- Every time you can make a healthier diet choice, it adds up... can you have a piece of fruit instead of a cookie (or even a graham cracker instead of an oreo?) Can you choose whole-grain bread instead of white?
- Carry healthy choices in the car/truck so that when there isn't time, there's something good available (a granola bar, a package of peanut butter and cheese crackers, a banana). Otherwise, you get too hungry and eat whatever you can find (like drive thru burger and fries)
- One hundred calories a day adds up to one pound a month--gain or loss--it's up to you! Walking about 20 minutes burns 100 calories; a piece of bread and butter is about 100 calories. Can you walk 20 minutes? Can you choose something healthier that has 100 fewer calories? One pound a month means you will weigh 12 pounds less this time next year!

If your father would like to ask me any questions, I'll be here :)


ps. my website has lots of weight loss articles; one might apply to him... http://www.mycoachlaurie.com/blogsandarticles.html
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