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8/17 8:54:05

Hi I really want to lose weight I've struggled with my weight since I was 15 Im 17 almost 18. Im 6'1 I weigh 280 thats not a number I'm happy with. The diet that I follow is 1700 calories a day no soft drinks. How ever I crave carbs and once I eat them they undo my diet. what are some foods that are good to eat when you have a snack attack? Any diets you recommend Im not a fan of atkins I gained 12 pounds on it.

Hi Zach,
Congratulations on your determination to lose weight!
First of all, if you're 6'1" you can have more than 1700 calories and still lose weight. One idea might be to eat your healthy 1700 calories and then save 400 for a couple of snacks that you'd like. This way you can have a limited amount of treats and still lose weight--this might help curb your cravings.

The other fact is, we like carbs because they taste good! Your craving for cakes or chocolate won't go away as long as you keep eating them. It will take 4-6 weeks for your body to get over craving things once you stop eating them. So you might consider setting a timeline for some foods you know tend to set you off on a binge: Say, instead of these "junk" foods you'll have a substitute that is healthier--maybe fruit, maybe something more plain like graham crackers that satisfies you but isn't high in calories, or maybe you'll find a yogurt that hits the spot for you when you want something sweet. After a few weeks you'll probably notice you aren't craving these foods as strongly. From there on, it will just keep getting easier :)

I would also suggest one of the best diet books is the Beck Diet Solution. Dr. Beck teaches many new habits a person can use to train themselves to think and act like a thin person. You will get lots of useful information from either the book or the workbook.

My best wishes for your success in this healthy endeavor. I would love to hear how it's going for you in a few weeks!
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