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How to increase breast size and overall weight of body

8/17 8:53:57

I am 25 female and got married 10 months before. My height is 5.4 and weight is 47. Before marriage weight was 48 ,after marriage i have lost 3 kg and then again i regained 2 kg.so now weight is 47.I have really tried a lot to regain my weight (ate properly) and i am achieving it. only thing my breast size is small so i look thin ,plus my face is small. Can u please what should i do to increase my breast and hand muscles.So i will not look thin. i really feel so complex in front of my husband.even he has problem because of my physic.please help me in that.

Dear Neha
I'm afraid you might have to ask another expert to help you with increasing your breast size and hand muscles - I'm a psychologist so that really isn't my area of expertise.  However I did want to share some of the thoughts I had with you.  I hope I'm not correct in assuming that your husband chose to marry you because he loves you for the person you are... not for your breast size or any other physical characteristic.  We were all created by a wonderful Creator to be different shapes and sizes (see http://www.ditch-diets-live-light.com/one-size-fits-all.html").  When we focus on all the things about ourselves that we feel are 'wrong' we develop complexes.  I'd strongly suggest that when you start to feel ok about your body, I'm pretty sure your husband will too because when we have a complex about a part of us, we totally believe that that is all others notice about us as well - so even when they really aren't bothered by what bothers us, we 'hear' them saying things that make us believe they are; we 'see' them looking at us in ways that 'tell' us what we're thinking about ourselves and so on.  Even when they protest that they don't mind - we don't believe them until eventually they give up and join us in critizing the parts of ourselves we critisize.  So yes, you could increase your breast size and that 'may' help....but very often people find that even when they do this through surgery (let's say) they still can't 'see' the changes that have been made.  

It sounds like a mental makeover (http://www.ditch-diets-live-light.com.mental-makeover.html") is what you really need.  In addition, can I suggest that you do a daily 3 minute exercise that you'll find at "http:www.ditch-diets-live-light.com.visualization-exercises.html"

Good luck
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