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diet and weight loss

8/17 8:53:54


I was wondering if I can maintain my weight if, as an example, eat pizza everyday and burn the same amount of calories/fat I've consumed.

Is that possible?



Jay K.

The answer to that is yes...and no.

It is possible under certain conditions. You have to understand that the body and physiology is not a mathematical system and doesn't readily conform to what we think should happen. However, the concept is worthy if it is in a controlled circumstance. If you want to maintain weight this way, you would have to put some things into effect:

1.  Have a device (such as the bodybugg or GoWear Fit# that tells you within 90-95% range what your metabolic rate is at any given moment and what it is for the day total. This gives you an understanding of how YOUR body interacts with food, thermodynamics, and exercise. The BMR calculators are not effective for using the calorie concept for weight maintenance. There are simply too many factors that they don't consider.
2. Eat the same time everyday with basically the same types of foods at each time. The reason for this is that glucose and insulin factors #as well as other physiological variances# vary throughout the day. So while you may be keeping the numbers close, there are other factors that determine how the body changes the food and into what form. #This is a whole chapter of info)

Keep in mind that while this sounds great on paper, there are people who eat many calories above what they expend and are able to maintain weight. I say this because it is important to understand that attempting to maintain with calories in/out is neither exact nor reliable for long term. But....it is do-able for an undefined period of time.
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