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8/17 8:53:51

I am slowly losing weight with a low fat low calorie diet and cardio.
The fat seems to be coming off my extremities and but not my abdomen-My wrist watch is looser and so are my cowboy boots.
In fact I look a lot like you!
My belly although firmer in appearance has not budged.
Is this common or my genetics?
Anything I can do to get the belly down or just keep doing what I am doing?

The mid-section is the LAST place you will lose fat. It's the first place the body tries to store it, and the last place it takes it off. Just keep doing what you're doing and you'll get there eventually.

You can't spot-reduce fat, or over-train a specific area to try and burn fat off of that area. It's like emptying the water from a pool... you can't drain the deep end first.  
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