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Fat weight/ muscle weight - confused!

8/17 8:53:45

Hi Laura! I'm and 18 year old female and i am a little confused.
I weigh 128lbs which is just over 9stone i think.
I am training to be a professional dancer at a school in England, this is my first year of training out of 3.
For a dancer i have never eaten particularly healthily. However after Christmas when i went back to dance school i thought i might try and eat a much more healthy diet as it will help with my training.
When i started my diet which was a week ago i weighed 126lbs, i have gained 2lbs in a week and i am very confused as i have eaten much less and at dance school I've done about 7 hours a day of dancing, i don't possibly see how i have gained weight, i was guessing it could be muscle but i really don't know if this is a sure thing, i don't want to make excuses for gaining weight saying that it's muscle when maybe it's not.
How long will it be until i start loosing weight on the scales and not gaining because of muscle!?
Thank you so much :)

I don't think you would see real results worth quantifying after one week. There are many reasons with a change of diet that could cause what you are experiencing.  Here are some common ones:

1.  With a diet change, sometimes food is added that the body reacts to causing bloating and water retention. Keep a diary of what you eat, what is different, and any reaction you might have.
2. You may have increased fiber with not enough water (6-8 glasses a day), which could lead to improper excretion and fecal weight. You should ensure enough water in each day along with any fiber increases. However, even so, expect the body to take some time to adapt to these changes.

I would not use a scale and check weight. I would buy a Tanita or Bowflex that monitors fat percentage and water weight. That way you will know what is happening and have a baseline. Also, take measurements.

You'll do good. Just don't take on too many changes too fast. Small steps!
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