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how much exercise

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My question is in regard to how much exercise should a person be doing if the goal is to lose weight.  I am a 43 year old female with approximately 65 pounds to lose.  I understand that losing weight successfully is all about a numbers game -- you need to burn more calories out than what you take in.  I ordered the Jillian Michaels ifit cards that require 3 days a week on my treadmill.  I am also watching what I eat and following a lower fat, lower calorie plan.  However, since I have about 65 pounds to lose and would love to look like I've made some progress by the time summer rolls around, it seems to me that 3 days a week of cardio is not quite enough.  What are your thoughts on how many days a week I should be exercising in order to achieve optimal results.  Thanks!

Well let me clarify one thing exercise is for physical well being. Diet is the only way to really get off extra weight. It is true that exercise plays a part, but if your eating to stay heavy then you will remain there no matter how much exercise you do. You need to make what I call a life style change which is changing the way you look at food. You need to eat to live not live to eat. And as for exercise you should be exercising most days a week meaning 7 and 6 on weeks when that you just can't do it for some reason. Depending on your physical health that is, you should consult with a doctor before starting any exercise program.

The best way, is to try to lose no more then two pounds a week and it is better to work with a nutritionist if you can. If your doctor clears you you should take it slow and build up to at least a 30 minute cardio routine each day and some light weight lifting 3 of those days for about 20 minutes on top of the cardio. So that leaves you with 4 30 minute work outs and 3 50 minute work outs. That will keep you physically good and get your body in shape. Again this is not the goal you should set for day one . This is a goal that you can achieve as your weight drops and your body becomes more fit.
Eating healthy is important and critical to weight reduction. You need to eat your veggies and eat your fruits. Leave the sugar,bad fats such as Trans and saturated alone. Eat plenty of fiber and drink water as your primary drink. Limit or eliminate booze, smoking and fried foods. If you can eat mostly organic foods. Try to limit your red meat and white breads. Juice is fine but no more then 8oz per day eat fruit instead of drinking juice.
Good luck take care
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