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Is this a good plan to lose 10lbs?

8/17 8:53:04

Okay there needs to be a little bit of back story first. My friend needs to lose 10lbs ASAP for the navy. He is 10lbs over the weight limit and it is causing him a ton of problems as he is already set to ship to basic in three months (hes gained 10 lbs since he enlisted 6 months ago). Well right now he basically lives on a third shift schedule, up till 6am and sleeping till 1 or 2 in the afternoon. He basically only eats one real meal a day because he figures by the time he gets around to eating lunch its already almost dinner time. He then gets hungry during the night and eats junk food because its quick and easy. He also works out (sit ups, push ups, running), when he gets the motivation to, but that isn't every often. Oh also I should mention that he use to be vegetarian but he now eats chicken and fish, but not other meats.

Anyways this is what I think he should do to lose weight, but I'm not sure if this will work. (he asked me for help):

Wakes up and do some sit ups and push ups.
Eats something, a sandwich, cereal, oatmeal, fruit, vegetables anything really. Doesn't have to be a big meal just something. Not junk food though.
Goes for a run sometime between now and dinner. Again it don't even have to be a long run.
Eats dinner.
Waits a bit and eats something again. something like what was mentioned above, fruit, sandwich, vegetables, cereal...
Then he could do some more sit ups and push ups before bed.

Instead of trying to cut junk food completely out of his diet I think he should just have a bit if he wants it but I think this way he wont want as much because he will have eaten more and not be starving and trying to fill himself up off of junk food.

I also think he needs to drink more water.

Also I think he tries to fill himself up on pasta and breads. I think he should try to eat more protein to fill him up (chicken,fish,soy...), fruits, and vegetables to fill him up and less pasta.

Anyways does it sound like he could lose the 10lbs by doing this? Any other advice you might have for him? Thank you! :)


male weight gain
Hi Courtney....sounds like a pretty good plan.  I like your thoughts about junk food - don't try to ban it completely, just eat it in limited quantities and don't make a big deal of it. With men I find that two of the fastest ways to lose weight is to a) cut back on alcohol (if he drinks) - alcohol is full of empty calories and it also increases hunger and b) understand how their metabolism works (see http://www.ditch-diets-live-light.com/basal-metabolic-rate.html )and increase their exercise.  He may also be interested in weight loss tips for men:  http://www.ditch-diets-live-light.com/male-weight-gain.html
Kind regards
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