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How to be healthy and look good?

8/17 8:53:04

Hi, I am a 21 year old size ten 55 kgs,  5"8 female, and my 21 year old boyfriend is approx 5"9 90 kgs male, and we have been going to the gym for about 7 weeks now, 3 times a week and we do 10 min warm up, weights, and then another 15-20 cardio. I am mostly doing this to support him and to maintain a healthy lifestyle myself. I am have always been one of those people who can eat whatever I like and still keep the same weight, my boyfriend is not the same, and really wants to lose weight down to a healthier one as atm he has a bit of a tummy and he does not like it! We have been eating healthier, but he now eats the same as me and I am not overweight.. its strange because often he doesnt eat enough, and in the 7 weeks we have been going to the gym neither of us has lost ANY weight!! He has definitely bulked up in the arms and shoulders, he is naturally quite bulky, and I am stronger and fitter, but neither of us has lost any around the tummy area. (Oh how I would love a flat tummy haha)
He is a smoker- one cigarette a day, I am not. What is he/I doing wrong???? He doesn't want to be a model he just wants to be healthy and I am worried about his health. His pant size is too big for what it should be, in twenty years the damage will be undoable and he worries about it quite a lot.

What can you suggest? do we just have to simply cut down amounts of food- but when he is eating the same as me and I am size ten it makes no sense....

Any feedback or info you have would be great :)

Thank you so much!



At his current body weight he is over 28 on the BMI chart. His max weight should be 169. A good weight for him would be around 150 for his age. Your BMI is in line with where it needs to be. Smoking and exercise do not mix. Exercise increases your chances of Cancer if you smoke. Your boyfriend needs to cut back on the food and eat healthier. 30 TO 45 minutes of cardio is what is recommended. Exercise is for physical health diet modification is how you take the extra weight off.

I would say he should have a yearly physical done and his RMR( resting metabolic rate) taken. These will help him to be in the right place to loose weight. Not eating enough will slow your metabolism drastically and skipping meals will also. He should be eating about 8oz of food 5-6 times per day to speed his metabolism.
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