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"Hi my name is Kerwyn and i am working on my senior research.  I need an interview with an expert on obesity.  I would appreciate it if you answer a couple questions for me. Thank you for your help in advance.

What are some solutions you would think are most effective in countering obesity?

What are some factors that cause obesity?

How do you believe the government is trying to solve the problem of obesity?

What are some unpublicized facts that you know about obesity?

Is the trend of obesity declining or do you see it declining in the near future?

Do doctors take into account muscle when they test a person抯 BMI?

Are weigh loss supplements affective in reducing fat and having a healthy life style?

Why do you believe America is one of the fattest countries in the world?  

Why are obese people more susceptible to disease than others?

Does heredity affect the if a person will become obese or not?"

1. Proper education of nutrition and exercise. Eat healthy and move your butt. :)
2. Poor nutrition. Not enough exercise. If you take in more calories than you burn off, you'll gain weight. Simple as that.
3. Like most government programs, ineffectively. They're using out-of-date nutritional standards.
4. To lose weight you should actually eat MORE often, instead of just once or twice a day.
5. I do not see it declining in the future. In fact, I see it getting worse. Much worse.
6. Not usually, no. In fact, a lot of "body weight" charts say that a 6' tall man who weighs 220 pounds is obese... but they don't take into consideration whether he's fat or jacked with muscle. I look GOOD at 220.
7. No. I don't recommend ANY weight loss supplements.
8. Easy access to cheap junk food. It's cheaper to feed the family McDonalds than it is to cook a healthy meal at home. Also our society is set up so you DRIVE everywhere instead of being able to WALK everywhere - or ride a bike.
9. This is more a question for a DOCTOR than a weight-loss expert, but the human body evolved to be ACTIVE, not sit around on Facebook for 6 hours a day. Plus most people that are obese eat foods that are nutritionally poor (high in fat, low in vitamins and minerals).
10. Heredity might indicate someone's propensity to put on weight, but a person's ACTIONS dictates his overall health. I, for example, will gain weight unless I work at keeping it off. I have a tendency to put on pounds. Most of my family is fat. It's in our genetics. Mesomorphs (Google it) like me have to work to stay thin. So yes, heredity plays a role. Unless you're gifted with a fast metabolism, you've got to exercise and eat right.

Hope this helps.

Richard Rost

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