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looking for answers

8/17 8:53:01

Hi!!I am 19 and currently weigh 130lbs and am 5'4"... last year i weighed 110lbs so i have gained about 20 pounds. I have been hypothyroid for about 11 years and have been on synthyroid since i was diagnosed. They changed my dosage about a year and a half ago from 137mcg to 100mcg. a little about my diet and exercise- i eat around 12-1500 calories everyday and workout. i am currently training for a triathlon so some days i bike 12 miles others im running about 4 miles. I weigh myself everyday and continue to see the scale jump up.  i went to a nutritionist about a month ago and i weighted around 125lbs I got the medgem test and it said my rmr was 1320. she told me i needed to eat more and so i started to slowly build up my intake and have now seen a 5 pound gain and im totally freaked out!!! she wants me to eat even more..around 2200. I dont know what to do I feel bigger than ever!! any suggestions?


She is increasing your intake because, coupled with your exercise routine, your rmr is higher than what you are taking in. She may be concerned that if you have low body fat and are taking in calories far below what you are expending, your body will have no place to get the energy except from catabolizing your muscles. I think you need a bigger picture. If you are concerned and you are not sure where the weight is going, get a body fat scale.  Also, look into getting a bodybugg to monitor your calorie expenditure.  

If you were exercising with low body fat and high rmr with such a low amount of calories, you probably were not gaining muscle. Now, that your body has the energy it needs, you are probably gaining muscle. I don't know your body composition numbers.  Knowing that might unlock the mystery for you.

The only other thing that I can think of is that you might want to have your doctor revisit the dosing of your medication. Also, ask your nutritionist for tips on cleaning and optimizing your digestive system to ensure that you are maximally absorbing the medication.

Www.myapex.com for bodybugg
Tanita is a great body composition scale. The gym is better though.
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