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Curbing the Munchies

8/17 8:52:42

Hello! My name is Cate, and I am a self-labeled health nut. I very rarely eat processed foods, and almost all of my snacks are what most people would consider "health food." I snack on a lot of fruit, granola, raw nuts, and dried fruits. However, I have noticed that once I'm home for the day (usually around 4 or 5), I munch continuously, even though I'm not hungry. I'm eating healthy foods, but I have gained some weight lately, so I am concerned that I'm eating too much. But the urge to go munch on something is so strong. Any tips on how to just eat my dinner and an evening snack and call it good?


Hi Cate,

Yes, even calories from healthy foods can add up over time!
It's interesting you say that you are not hungry. What, then, are you looking for? Perhaps a glass of tea or water would do the trick.
If you wait to long to eat dinner, perhaps you could have it sooner; or a snack before you leave work.
But if the issue really is that you aren't hungry, you are going to have to set rules and discipline yourself. It might be "I can have one snack before dinner" or "I can plan a healthy snack for 9 pm, but besides dinner, that's all I will have". It may help to keep a food diary, even just for those hours that you are having this problem. Write down everything you eat from 2pm to 10 pm besides your dinner.
Then plan rewards for yourself: What will you get if you go without the extra snacks for 4 days this week? for 6 days? Treat yourself to a manicure or a magazine or something you would look forward to 'earning'.

Good Luck!
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