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Healthy food for bones

8/17 8:52:27

Hello Linda,

My mother has osteoporosis and it unfortunately runs in the family. However, she is currently undergoing proper treatment. In my case, it's a slightly different matter because I am an adopted child and I have no recollection or information about my family medical history. But I would like to prevent the possibility of me getting osteoporosis, just the same. I am a male of hispanic descent and 38 years of age.

1. Is there still time for me to strengthen my bones or is it too late?

2. What are the right types of foods to eat that strengthen the bones?

And lastly, I also need to lose several pounds as well and I'm thinking about undergoing the Vegan Diet.

3. What is your opinion of the Vegan Diet? Do you recommend it?

Best regards,


Hi Julian,

1. It's never to late

2. Foods that are rich in Calcium & vit D: milk products, seafood, tofu, almond, broccoli, okra or Calcium supplements.

3. Our body can't absorb vitamins & minerals efficiently from vegan diet. I prefer a balance diet w/ a small amount of meat & lots of vegetables. However if you are a Vegan, make sure to take vitamin supplements.

Best wishes,

Linda Yo
Certified Weight Consultant
Author of Asian Slim Secrets

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