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Reversal of osteoporosis - nutrition, megadose vitamin therapy?

8/17 8:52:26

Hello again, Tanya.

I mentioned that my mother has osteoporosis and she is taking medication for it, however, I would like to know what else can be done for her.

1. What would be the best nutrition for her osteoporosis?

2. Can her osteoporosis be reversed?

Best regards,


Hi Julian,

It's a good idea to choose foods rich in calcium and vitamin D. As to reversal, there is solid evidence that it can be done. However, it seems to require megadose therapy and isn't feasible to manage by just good nutrition. See, for example: "Combined Calcium and Vitamin D3 Supplementation in Elderly Women: Confirmation of Reversal of Secondary Hyperparathyroidism and Hip Fracture Risk: The Decalyos II Study".

Tanya Zilberter

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