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Glycemic Index

8/17 8:52:05

Do you believe the Glycemic Index is important? I have read that the body is perfectly capable of handling high gi foods, if your not diabetic.  I have also read that a sugar crash only lasts for up to 8 minutes.

Thanks again.

Good morning Michael
The Glycemic index is important mainly for diabetics then for people without diabetes. This tool is used to decrease the chance for high insulin spikes which diabetics are trying to avoid. As for the rest of us the Glycemic index is a tool that we can also use to reduce the effect of consistently high insulin spikes that we can also get from hi GI foods. These excess fluctuations are believed to contribute to early onset type 2 diabetes. So in essence it may be a good idea to utilize the Glycemic index as part of your life at least on a part time basis. I use it especially for the 30 days after a holiday such as Christmas or Thanksgiving where I have days of not eating correctly. Your insulin levels normally spike at about 20 minutes after consumption.At about two to three hours you will experience the sugar crash especially if you had ingested large amounts of sugar. This low will stay with you until your insulin level find equilibrium, as for 8 minutes; that all depends on the amount of sugar you ate.

Thanks for Writing

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