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Pesticides on apples and pears

8/17 8:51:35

In your opinion, is it best to peel apples and pears before eatting them because of the pesticides? Or would just washing them, in your opinion, be sufficient?

Any info would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Sallie
There are ways to clean non organic fruit to help make them safer to eat. The best way is to clean your fruits in a lemon and salt mixture . When you combine a half of lemon and two table spoons of salt it makes a low grade acidic acid which will clean most of the conventional pesticides from the fruit. In my opinion and the same opinion is shared by most people on this specific subject is that if you are going to eat the skin of the fruit it should be from a organic source. Washing your fruit in the way I explained will eliminate most but not all of danger of chemical pesticides. However the skin of these fruits contain many of the things you want to get out of eating the fruit in the first place. I would suggest to spend a little extra and buy organic fruits where the skin is normally consumed. The cost is not that much of a difference and the money you save now will only cost you more later with hospital bill from the possible diseases that you may or may not get from consuming chemical agents. To answer your question, I would leave the skin on and I would spend the extra money on the organic fruit in which I plan on eating the skin but if I could not afford to buy the organic variety then I would wash my fruits as I explained and hope for the best and this is because the skin in my opinion is that important.

I hope this helps you some what, I have found that the larger grocery stores tend to sell organic apples and pears for close to the price of conventional. Thanks for writting.

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