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NEED motivation

8/17 8:51:34

can you help me please??? i am in need of a good kick in the butt. i am 47yrs old, 5'2" 135 lbs. size 4.   sooo NOT fat, but NOT HOW i want to look. i NEED to get rid of the muffin top, "lift" up the buttocks, and "cut up" my arms. i really NEED the push and motivation to get up and do something. heres the problem, AFTER beating myself up, and self loathing for not looking the way i want, i get started, mayb it'll last 1, 2, if lucky 3 weeks, than i give up. i'm looking to lose 5-8 lbs, and "tweak" my areas of concern. i eat well, so thats not really the prob. i know i NEED to workout, i just can NOT seem to be consistent. and THATS MY problem. i only have 45min 5 days a week in the morning. i just can NOT seem to GET myself to do anything, even IF i can FORCE myself to do something. its always seems to be "half ass", i NEED to workout hard and strong for that 45 min to get the results. i've tried 5 hr energy, cup of coffee. and even experimented with some other "magic" crap. i NEED to find something to "assist" me and get my fire going. any suggestions????? i really just give up, because i dont see any results. and than i just "settle" in figuring my size 4 still fit, good enough. but really its NOT. i'm thinking of trying Zantrex 3, just something to "help---PUSH me". i NEED to start and keep going.

Hi Darlene,

Thanks for your candor in sharing!

I think the challenges you are facing are common to everyone - not just people trying to lose weight. The problem is this - you want to lose weight. But you also want to remain comfortable and avoid the pain of working out regularly.

Here's the deal - humans are motivated by both pain and pleasure. In general, a person will do what they can to gain pleasure and avoid pain. And, most often, pain is a greater motivator. Meaning, you would work a lot harder to avoid losing $1,000 than to gain $1,000 - that's pretty typical. Or, more aptly here, you're more willing to avoid gaining 5 pounds than to do what it takes to lose 5 pounds.

The key I've found to overcoming this is to set small health goals. Instead of trying to fill that 45 minutes up 5 days a week full of exercise, just start with 10 minutes a day. Just 10 minutes of exercise. Hey, if you can't do that, then pump yourself up with some music that gets you excited and feeling good and go run for 10 minutes with your headphones playing. The key is to START the habit and NOT STOP it. And the key to doing that is to MINIMIZE the pain by minimizing the time spent working out.

I talk a lot more about achieving your health goals in one of my blog posts here - http://www.tomcorsonknowles.com/blog/how-to-set-and-achieve-any-health-goal/

Also, you can get access to all our natural weight loss nutrition tips and advice from Dr. Candace Corson in our newsletter for free at www.AuthenticHealthCoach.com

I hope that helps!

Wishing you wellness,
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